"Throughout my life as a performer, teacher, and trainer, whenever I hear about dance-related injuries, my watchword is always 'Call Steve. I'm astonished by Steve's knowledge of the body and by the effectiveness of his treatments. Whatever it is-- lower back pain, a sprained ankle, or neck ache-- Steve always turns the tide towards healing."

-Consuelo Faust, Founder and Director Rhythm and Motion

"Steve Coleman provides a unique and healing blend of expertise, sensitivity and humor. I've had the great fortune to be his student, patient, and friend. As an acupuncturist, I've also sent several difficult cases to him, which he resolved in one or two treatments. His vast experience and deep intuition give him an unmatched knowledge of the body and how to work with its tensions and pains. If you're lucky he'll not only work out your muscular knots, he'll also lend some wisdom on life and living."

-Brooke M.

"Steve’s work is precise and effective. I arrive to each appointment with Steve expecting that my pain will be relieved, and I am never disappointed."

-Linda K,, lawyer in San Francisco

"About 12 years ago, an MRI revealed that I had a torn disc. At Kaiser Hospital, I was given pain medication and muscle relaxants as well as short term physical therapy, group yoga, acupuncture and eventually a chronic pain management class. I also tried Feldenkrais movemnent with a private teacher. I continued having periodic, severe back spasms that required immediate bed rest for 3 to 4 days and two weeks of rest before I could start walking again. A friend recommended to me bodywork by Stephen Coleman. Over the past year, whenever my back pain persists and I am unable to get relief from tightback muscles with medication, ice and heat, I have found his bodywork sessions to be very effective and bring me relief from back pain and muscle strain. He is very skillful and insightful in his work and listens well. While I understand from experience that what helps one person may not help another person, I would highly recommend Stephen Coleman's bodywork to anyone suffering from back spasms or pain. He has helped me have some pain-free days."

- David Newcomer, Mill Valley.

"One of the hardest things of relocating out of the Bay Area in 2010 was not being able to access Steve's magic. True. I was blessed by getting to know Steve back in 2003, not only because he helped me to get out of chronic lower back pain but also because of his friendship. See Steve again on a regular basis would be a main driver in relocating back to the Bay Area!"

-Alejo Lopez, a tall guys who spends too much time in front of a computer

I was introduced to Steve Coleman in 1992 after I had been in a car accident and needed body work. My car insurance had supplied me with some perfunctory physical therapy which I followed for 6 months, but it didn't feel like it was helping. Meanwhile, a friend suggested that I see Steve. In one session of deep tissue massage, along with acupuncture, I felt better than I had since before the accident. I have been seeing Steve ever since. I have been a competitive skier, dancer, and I hold the rank of 2nd degree black belt in Aikido. I have endured many injuries from training. More than any other body worker I have worked with, Steve has given me the relief I need when I need it. He is available when I need him, highly skilled in many therapeutic areas, has great empathy and compassion, and he has a good sense of humor as well! I have recommended Steve to dozens of friends, training partners, and colleagues. I unequivocally recommend him for any acute sports injury or for on-going deep tissue/acupuncture work for the purpose of enhancing body awareness.

-Pamela Rickard