In addition to his ongoing treatment schedule, Stephen teaches workshops throughout the year. For further information and update workshop schedule, please call Steve at (415) 377-6022

TREAT BACK PAIN EFFECTIVELY using bodywork and acupuncture

This seminar will offer an extensive hands-on experience designed to empower practitioners to effectively and confidently treat back pain, especially the lower back. It will provide participants with a whole new dimension in the treatment of lower back pain, both acute and chronic. The psoas muscle and its deep relief will be also covered in depth. This will be truly an exceptional opportunity to learn practical and effective treatment techniques that practitioners can readily incorporate into their practice.

Please check with Steve for the update workshop schedule

WRIST-ANKLE ACUPUNCTURE – a painless way to treat people in pain

This workshop will teach the technique of inserting needles horizontally, intentionally not getting the qi, so the patient does not get the feeling of heaviness and distention which sometimes may be found uncomfortable. Stephen Coleman will go over the six points on each ankle and wrist which are used to treat pain with this technique. The majority of the day will be spent practicing the needling of the 12 points.

Please check with Steve for the update workshop schedule

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